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Republican Senators Add Repeal Of Individual Health Care Mandate To Tax Bill

Updated 5:56 p.m. ET Senate Republicans now plan to try to repeal the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate as part of a tax overhaul bill. Several Senate Republicans said Tuesday that including the repeal in tax legislation, currently making its way through a key Senate committee, would allow them to further reduce tax rates for individuals without adding more to the deficit. The decision was a rapid change of direction for Republicans, who previously believed it would be politically...

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You can't be on both teams at once...

I can hear reasonably well, and I love all things British, but Robert Altman's "Gosford Park" has tested the limits of my theatrical patience once again: his brilliant ability to film as if we were overhearing conversation at a party (remember "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" or "Nashville") leaves me wanting to be a listener who actually has heard all the conversation.

The plot holes are as many as dot our own moon...

Earth in 2079 is less secure than in 2002. Our hero, Gary Sinise, is a weapons inventor mistaken for a bomb-carrying alien. Let the chase begin. Most of this lost-opportunity sci/fi is based on a story by Philip K. Dick, better known for his plots of "Total Recall" and the seminal "Blade Runner."

Newfoundland just won’t give us its news gracefully...

That this affair may have precipitated the fall of Marie Antoinette and various other guillotine candidates is the most intriguing part of this "Dangerous Liaisons" wannabe.

Check out what we've been groovin' on all year...


Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee...

"A Beautiful Mind" is the best exposition of the mind's ability to gyrate to a different tune since "Memento."

When Margot says of her first husband, "I met him in the ocean, he came out to me in a canoe," you know this is one weird family.

What were the best CDs of 2001? We have a few ideas!

Ian Britton

gListen Here.

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WCBE Presents Chris Robinson & Neal Casal Live From Studio A Tues. Nov. 14, 2017 @ 2PM!

Chris Robinson & Neal Casal will perform Live From Studio A during the Global Village in advance of the show that night with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The Newport presented by WCBE!

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Science, Technology & Environment

What's Your (Epistemic) Relationship To Science?

In the world of Facebook, relationship status comes in a few flavors: "married" and "divorced," "single" and "it's complicated." When it comes to science, relationship status has its own varieties: love and hate, comprehension and confusion. Some of these relationships reflect values and emotions, while others are epistemic: They reflect what we know or understand about science. What's the relationship to science that we should be aiming to achieve? And why does it matter? International...

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Arts & Life

'Promise Me': Joe Biden On Loss, Grief And Recovery

It hit him one day riding his bicycle on the hard sand at the beach during a family vacation. He had taken this ride plenty of times before. But this time was different for Joe Biden. "The Secret Service agents were well back, trailing me in their dune buggies," he writes. "Nobody else was around. And suddenly I remembered riding out to this very spot with Beau the last time he was down here with us. 'Dad,' he had said that day. 'Let's stop and sit down here.' And so we sat, the two of us,...

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