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ECOT, State Battle Before SUPCO

Attorneys for the now-closed Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and the Ohio Department of Education traded jabs before the Ohio Supreme Court yesterday over how the state should fund schools and if that funding should be tied to just enrollment or student participation.

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Bottom line. How much you enjoy this movie depends upon how you feel about Sandra Bullock...

"Murder by Numbers" is a Sandra Bullock showcase that has all the window dressings of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. A spooky abandoned house on the edge of a precipitous cliff. The Pacific Ocean boiling like a cauldron below. A law enforcement officer haunted by her past -- think Jimmy Stewart in "Vertigo," then digitize in Bullock.

The plot is so thin, I’m afraid to walk over it for fear of disappearing through its icy logic.

No one makes trashy action flicks better than Hollywood. Don’t worry about challenging your brain on "The Scorpion King." First introduced in "The Mummy Returns," the King is again played by wrestling hero "The Rock." The plot is so thin, I’m afraid to walk over it for fear of disappearing through its icy logic.

Move over Alec, Billy, Stephen and Daniel -- there are some new Baldwin Brothers in town...

With a combination of old-fashioned painted-cel animation, less-than-fluid motion, and modern digital technology based on a 1949 manga (comic book) by the late Osamu Tezuka, this animation is filled with ideas of love and identity, be it human or robot.

The film deservedly won the top prize last year at the Cannes Film Festival...

"The Son's Room" reminds me why I love character-driven European films: the pace is slow, the camera lingers on a face longer than an American shot would dare, and the theme is frighteningly simple but almost always universal. In this case, a loving family has lost a son; the grieving process and the letting go are painful and inevitable. The film makes it all as lyrical as could be possible for a grim topic.

"Delhi is a strange 'globalized' world where tradition butts heads with modernity at every turn"...

"Panic Room" is a good "B" movie that makes you glad you don’t live in a mansion in the heart of NYC...

"When they say 'No,' they're looking for a way to say 'Yes.'"...

Why do fundamentalists and zealots sometimes resort to murder to carry out "the will of God"? ...

These two actresses are superb at being bitchy and seductive to each other as well as their enemies...

Don't cross the characters played by Stockard Channing and Julia Stiles in "The Business of Strangers." If you do, you'll think the male revenge film "In the Company of Men" to be a modest complaint about the battle of the sexes. "Business" is a raw polemic about corporate women treated ill by men in and out of the boardroom.


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Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

New Local Protocol Helping Treat Cases Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A new protocol being used in Columbus to treat sudden cardiac arrest patients has shown promising results.

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Bill Gates Addresses 'Tough Questions' On Poverty And Power

This year, Bill and Melinda Gates are doing something a little different with their annual letter . They are answering what they call some of the "toughest questions" from their foundation's critics. On the list: Is it fair that you have the influence you do? Why don't you give more to the United States? Why do you give your money away? Since its inception, the Gates Foundation has given $41.3 billion in grants, including a grant to NPR. After the letter was published on Tuesday, Bill Gates...

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