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Across The Country, Students Walk Out To Protest Gun Violence

Updated at 1:30 p.m. ET At South High School in Columbus, Ohio, students stepped outside in frigid weather and said 17 names, releasing a balloon for each one. In Orange County, Fla., 17 empty desks sat in the Wekiva High School courtyard. Students sang — "Heal the world, make it a better place." In New York City, hundreds of students from LaGuardia High School walked into the street and sat in silence for 17 minutes. In Helena, Mont., more than 200 students gathered outdoors and shared...

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The audience will be terminally blinded by the worst case of sugar overdose since "The Majestic"...

A salute to Czech WWII fighter pilot heroes...

They do make movies the way they used to, only it's the Czechs who are doing it.

First we had "Kolya," which won director Jan Sverak an Academy Award in 1996; then we have Jan Hrebejk's "Divided We Fall," and now we have Sverak's newest film, "Dark Blue World."

The United States Army should use "Black Hawk Down" as a training film...

The United States Army should use "Black Hawk Down" as a training film. After 20 minutes’ viewing, a recruit would have a very good idea that being caught in a warlord-controlled Somalia town is indeed a life-threatening, bloody business.

You can't be on both teams at once...

I can hear reasonably well, and I love all things British, but Robert Altman's "Gosford Park" has tested the limits of my theatrical patience once again: his brilliant ability to film as if we were overhearing conversation at a party (remember "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" or "Nashville") leaves me wanting to be a listener who actually has heard all the conversation.

The plot holes are as many as dot our own moon...

Earth in 2079 is less secure than in 2002. Our hero, Gary Sinise, is a weapons inventor mistaken for a bomb-carrying alien. Let the chase begin. Most of this lost-opportunity sci/fi is based on a story by Philip K. Dick, better known for his plots of "Total Recall" and the seminal "Blade Runner."

Newfoundland just won’t give us its news gracefully...

That this affair may have precipitated the fall of Marie Antoinette and various other guillotine candidates is the most intriguing part of this "Dangerous Liaisons" wannabe.

Check out what we've been groovin' on all year...


Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee...

"A Beautiful Mind" is the best exposition of the mind's ability to gyrate to a different tune since "Memento."


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Mourners Honor Stephen Hawking, Whose Mind Blazed Bright Everyone from NASA to the cast of The Big Bang Theory is reacting today to the death of acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking, known for his work on understanding the nature of black holes. Hawking was the rare scientist who achieved fame in both an esoteric field and popular culture , as today's outpouring of eulogies shows. His passing was noted by actress Mia Farrow, Apple CEO Tim Cook, former President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa...

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