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These two veterans of the World Saxophone Quartet will be in Central Ohio to play a few shows with the Jazz Poetry Ensemble.

They will perform at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington on Sept. 9, and at Dick's Den, the next night.

Then on Sept. 13, 3:45 pm, they'll be at the Hot Times Festival.

The release show for his new cd, "My Mountain", is coming up at Woodlands Tavern on September 10.

He also plays Wednesdays at the Ugly Tuna Saloona.

Hear more about this Central Ohio based musician, live from studio a.

That's Brian Douglas Day, on 90.5 FM and HD WCBE Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and now on Apple Music.

The Mekons on World Cafe, Wednesday @ 8pm on WCBE

Sep 2, 2015

The band performs and discusses their lengthy career with host David Dye.

More than 20 years into Lil Wayne's career, the froggy-voiced, diminutive rapper is hardly ever described as an elder statesman.

Boxed In on World Cafe, Tuesday @ 8pm on WCBE

Sep 1, 2015

The band makes its World Cafe debut tonight.

Dick and Jane Song of the Week: Undeserving

Sep 1, 2015


Some people work for what they earn 
while others just get what they want 
Giving them respect for no good reason 
Using their rep on the dollar front 
No one can realize or even react 
Except for the people who build up their stacks 
The ones who put in the hard time 
Will slowly become victims of the crime 

Django Django on World Cafe, Monday @ 8pm on WCBE

Aug 31, 2015

"Born Under Saturn" is the band's sophomore effort.

Here's a duo that's at the foundation of music itself, but which isn't always noticed: the musical interplay between the bass and the drum.

Live From Studio A REPLAY: The Jauntee

Aug 27, 2015

The Jauntee performed live from Studio A August 26th, 2015! Check out the amazing performance once again! Listen to the interview here, along with live performances of "When the Love Is", "Valley Girl", and "Colorado".

Kristin Diable and her band will play a few songs during the Global Village in advance of the show that night at The Basement with local group Theo's Loose Hinges and Jordan Kirk!

Tonight, Peter Bjorn and John are featured during World Cafe's "Sense of Place: Sweden."

Psychedelic-JazzBluesFunk with a touch of Latin based Reggae are the sounds that make up the Boston based The Jauntee who will play a few songs during the Global Village!

Wednesday night they'll wrap up the SweetWater Summertime Music Series at The Park Street Patio! FREE! 7-9PM!

Tune in for live music and conversation with The Jauntee! It's all waiting for you on 90.5FM Columbus, 106.3FM Newark and on line at www.wcbe.org!

This Washington DC based act returns to Ohio to perform at the Riverside Blues Fest in St. Mary's on Saturday August 29.

Then on Sunday August 30 they'll perform at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington.

One last Ohio stop for this band before heading back to the east coast will be in WCBE's studio a.

Find out what they've been up to since their last visit to WCBE, which was back in May of 2013.

It can take years for a musician to discover his or her voice. But in the meantime, they find themselves by discovering the music of other artists. With a wide-ranging catalog spanning 30 years, Yo La Tengo is its own band, but the trio has become just as noted for its huge repertoire of cover songs.

Dick and Jane Song of the Week: Pick You Back Up

Aug 25, 2015

We were like family 
We were one in the same 
And we grew apart, grew apart 
Stuck at the crossroads, 
we couldn't agree 
We're torn apart, Torn Apart 

When times are rough, we don't give up, 
we find ways to keep moving. 

We are there for each other, 
until the end 
Like Sisters and brothers 
We'll make amends 
And through it all 
Yeah we're still friends 
We share, we love, we fall 
I'll pick you back up. 

This North Carolina based act will be performing in Lakeside Ohio the evening of the 27th, and will pass through Central Ohio on the way to a gig in Lexington Kentucky the evening of the 28th.

Their only performance in central Ohio this time around will be live from WCBE's studio A.

Hear this exclusive live performance from Mipso, on 90.5 FM and HD WCBE Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and now on Apple Music.