Justin O'Riley http://wcbe.org en Mansfield Ghost Hunt Hosted by the OPDA http://wcbe.org/post/mansfield-ghost-hunt-hosted-opda <p><em>My name is Justin O'Riley. I've had many occupations, but currently I'm a hosptial security&nbsp;dispatcher, an OSU student, and a WCBE intern. I'm also part of the Ohio Paranormal Detective Agency (OPDA).</em></p><p></p><div>I didn't believe in the paranormal until later in life, and I remain fairly skeptical of simple&nbsp;“ghost stories” and “urban legends.” My partners include my brother Josh and his best friend Sean,&nbsp;who are both sheriff deputies that bring a healthy dose of skepticism as well as professional&nbsp;investigative methods. There are several other law enforcement officers in our group, with me being one of the exceptions. The OPDA has conducted dozens of investigations, which developed a good&nbsp;reputation for us that led to an invitation from the Psychic/Paranormal Conference of Mid-Ohio to&nbsp;speak and host a hunt for novice ghost hunters. This all took place at Mansfield in early October.</div><div> Sun, 16 Dec 2012 15:39:16 +0000 Justin O'Riley 27495 at http://wcbe.org Mansfield Ghost Hunt Hosted by the OPDA Kirby's Dream Land Game Review http://wcbe.org/post/kirbys-dream-land-game-review <p><span lang="EN">When it comes to video game mascots, there is no other company that has as many recognizable names as Nintendo: <em>Donkey Kong, Super Mario, </em>Link from the <em>Legend of Zelda </em>series, Samus Aran from the <em>Metroid</em> series, and many others. However, the common link that all these characters have is that they’ve been around since the early days of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). One of Nintendo’s most prominent mascots today, Kirby, got his humble start on an early Game Boy game known as <em>Kirby’s Dream Land</em>. Thu, 25 Oct 2012 13:26:55 +0000 Justin O'Riley 24662 at http://wcbe.org Kirby's Dream Land Game Review