Lindsey Smith en This Isn't Your Granny Smith's Harvesting Technology In West Michigan, it's apple harvest time. Mon, 14 Oct 2013 18:36:00 +0000 Lindsey Smith 44788 at This Isn't Your Granny Smith's Harvesting Technology Certain Ford Retirees Face Major Pension Decision Transcript <p>DAVID GREENE, HOST: <p>And now to big money that's tied up in a company's pension fund. Tens of thousands of white-collar Ford retirees will soon have a big decision to make: Should they stay in the auto company's pension plan, or take their chances with a lump sum payout instead? The offer is believed to be the first of its kind for such a large, ongoing pension fund.<p>Michigan Radio's Lindsey Smith reports.<p>LINDSEY SMITH, BYLINE: In Michigan, there are more than 30 clubs for Ford retirees. Charles White runs two of them. Wed, 16 May 2012 08:52:00 +0000 Lindsey Smith 15816 at A Return To 'Safety First' For Michigan Nuclear Plant The Palisades nuclear power plant in Michigan had five unplanned shutdowns last year. It's one of the area's biggest employers, and its safety record is one of the worst in the country. Sun, 22 Apr 2012 19:50:00 +0000 Lindsey Smith 7764 at A Return To 'Safety First' For Michigan Nuclear Plant Michigan Furniture Maker Celebrates 100 Years Transcript <p>DAVID GREEENE, HOST: <p>Steelcase, the world's largest office furniture maker, is celebrating 100 years in business. But sales of the metal filing cabinets Steelcase is named for are declining - same with cubicles and other large pieces of office furniture.<p>LINDSEY SMITH, BYLINE: So, as Michigan Radio's Lindsey Smith reports, Steelcase says it's changing its identity.<p>Hundreds of multi-colored balloons float down the middle of Steelcase's four-story headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mon, 26 Mar 2012 08:00:00 +0000 Lindsey Smith 6509 at