Outlet Mall http://wcbe.org en Zoning Officials Approve Plans For Outlet Mall http://wcbe.org/post/zoning-officials-approve-plans-outlet-mall <P><FONT size=3 face=ARIAL><FONT size=3 face=ARIAL>Residents of Berkshire Township in Delaware County are not giving up their fight against the construction of an a outlet mall. Fri, 17 May 2013 11:12:51 +0000 Jim Letizia 35820 at http://wcbe.org 2nd Outlet Mall Planned For Delaware County http://wcbe.org/post/2nd-outlet-mall-planned-delaware-county <P><SPAN lang=EN>Delaware County will apparently be home to a second outlet mall. Thu, 20 Dec 2012 11:46:31 +0000 Jim Letizia 27703 at http://wcbe.org