Jay Hottinger http://wcbe.org en Two Lawmakers Want Counties To Get Share Of Severance Tax Hike http://wcbe.org/post/two-lawmakers-want-counties-get-share-severance-tax-hike <p><span lang="EN">Two Republican State Representatives are pushing for Ohio's shale-gas rich counties to get a portion of the money generated from a proposed severance tax hike on drillers. Fri, 17 Jan 2014 12:31:09 +0000 Jim Letizia & Associated Press 49683 at http://wcbe.org State senators could find common ground on marriage issues http://wcbe.org/post/state-senators-could-find-common-ground-marriage-issues <P>When Democrats in the Ohio Senate laid out their priorities recently, there was one that took on a message about encouraging marriage. It’s an issue that some Republicans have talked about in the past and as Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, there could be some bipartisan agreement on it.&nbsp; Tue, 22 Jan 2013 21:54:41 +0000 Ohio Public Radio & Jo Ingles 29377 at http://wcbe.org