League of Leaders

On a quiet evening in Columbus, Ohio a beacon of light perched atop LeVeque Tower casts a hazy red glow among the buildings of downtown Columbus.

In that city resides a mighty team of listeners who rise to help WCBE in its mission to serve central Ohio!

Who are these mild-mannered entrepreneurs, these philanthropic heroes, this league of super-citizens who rise together to help WCBE serve its ultimate purpose?

Bringing relevant news with a power of 12,000 watts, playing music to please the discriminating auditory senses at 90.5 megahertz, and providing exciting and engaging programming to entertain the 100,000 listeners depending on WCBE each day . . . These are The League of Leaders!

Could YOU be a member of the League of Leaders – and not even know?

Beneath the general manager exterior of Dan Mushalko lies the heart of Radio Man! This Protector of Public Radio is sending out an alert to all who can help in this critical mission – of supporting WCBE by making major contributions, donating alongside their many compatriots in central Ohio who have already done so.

Thus is born a League of Leaders who will help usher WCBE into a new era of sustainability, growth, and service to the denizens of Central Ohio!

By the light of LeVeque Tower, the League of Leaders unite!

For more in-depth information about supporting WCBE-FM public radio through the League of Leaders, don't hesitate to call, fax or e-mail our General Manager at:
Dan Mushalko
Radioman (aka General Manager)
p. (614) 365-5555 ext. 301
f. (614) 365-6775
e-mail: dmushalko@wcbe.org