Matching Gifts

Did you know ???? can double your donation's power to WCBE? Many companies match their employees' gifts to public radio. Check our list to see if your company will join you in supporting central Ohio's independent NPR station!  

What is a Matching Gift?
Matching gifts are a vitally important source of funds for educational institutions and nonprofit charitable organizations. They are also an increasingly important way for companies to allow their employees to direct a portion of the monies earmarked for charitable contribution. 

How does the matching gift process work?

1.       Listener gets matching gift form from their company HR Department.
2.       Complete the form;  send it with donation to WCBE.
3.       WCBE verifies your donation and completes your company's required paperwork.
4.       WCBE returns the form to your company.
5.       Your company verifies eligibility and sends the check WCBE.

Please mail your completed matching gift form AND donation check to:
WCBE 90.5 FM
Attn: Tammy Allen
540 Jack Gibbs Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215