Dick and Jane
2:41 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Dick and Jane Song of the Week: "Don't Tell Me"


Just so you know, I cry myself to sleep from night to night. I fear the sunrise because I don’t want to face the world. I’m not what you think I am. I’m about to break. Now I let the night take me away.

No, don’t tell me that you just don’t care because you know that it will break me. Don’t tell me that you feel my pain when you never shed a tear. No, you don’t know what’s good for me. You’re not the thing I need. You’re never there for me.

Take me away. Now I’ll let the night take me away.

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It's All Politics
2:24 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Obama's Feat: Not Just Winning But How He Won

President Obama greets the crowd after a Sept. 22 speech in Milwaukee.
Carolyn Kaster AP

Originally published on Fri November 9, 2012 3:50 pm

Maybe it's just math, but it may also be a great political accomplishment.

President Obama has put together a coalition that's not only been a winner for him, but promises to pay dividends to his party for years to come.

A mix of minorities, young people and educated white professionals has now driven him to two majority-vote presidential victories — the first Democrat to pull that off since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Author Interviews
1:52 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Interrupting Violence With The Message 'Don't Shoot'

David M. Kennedy is the director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control, and professor of criminal justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

Courtesy of David M. Kennedy

This interview was originally broadcast on Nov. 1, 2011. Don't Shoot is now out in paperback.

In 1985, David M. Kennedy visited Nickerson Gardens, a public housing complex in south-central Los Angeles. It was the beginning of the crack epidemic, and Nickerson Gardens was located in what was then one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

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The Two-Way
1:17 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

NASA Successfully Uses 'Interplanetary Internet' To Control Robot

A diagram of a space Internet.

Originally published on Fri November 9, 2012 7:18 pm

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The Two-Way
12:51 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Obama To Lay Down His Markers On Economy & Fiscal Cliff

Vice President Biden looks on as President Obama speaks at the White House.
Mark Wilson Getty Images

Originally published on Fri November 9, 2012 2:08 pm

The post-election negotiations over taxes, the economy and the so-called fiscal cliff moved into a new phase this afternoon when President Obama stepped up to a microphone at the White House to lay out his latest thoughts about what needs to be done.

In many ways, this words were echoes from the hard-fought campaign.

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NPR Story
12:46 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Boehner: To Avert Fiscal Cliff, Kill Tax Loopholes



Here in Washington, House Speaker John Boehner addressed a major economic issue this morning. In a press conference, the Republican talked about the so-called fiscal cliff. That's the combination of higher tax rates and spending cuts due to take effect at the end of this year.

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Shots - Health News
12:37 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

How Changing Visual Cues Can Affect Attitudes About Weight

Pictures like these helped British researchers gauge people's attitudes about weight.
Courtesy of Martin Tovee

With most Americans fat or fatter, you'd think we'd be lightening up on the anti-fat attitudes.

Alas, no. Even doctors often think their overweight patients are weak-willed.

But changing negative attitudes about body size might be as simple as changing what you see. When women in England were shown photos of plus-sized women in neutral gray leotards, they became more tolerant.

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12:30 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Boehner Calls For Lower Taxes

U.S House Speaker John Boehner says any deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff

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12:27 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Gee Boots Student Protestors

Ohio State University President Gordon Gee had a dozen students ejected

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12:24 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

More Out-Of-State Freshmen At OSU

Ohio State University has enrolled a record number of out-of-state and international freshmen this year,

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