12:01 am
Tue March 13, 2012

Killings A Blow To U.S. Strategy In Afghanistan

A U.S. soldier, part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, stands outside a military base in Panjwai, Kandahar province, south of Kabul, on Sunday.
Allauddin Khan AP

Originally published on Tue March 13, 2012 8:25 am

The killings of some 16 civilians in Afghanistan on Sunday allegedly by a U.S. soldier are raising new questions about U.S. military strategy: whether the surge of American troops worked, and whether the U.S. troops have won over the Afghan people or alienated them.

The place where the killings happened was a "no-go zone" for American and even Afghan troops as recently as two years ago — it was Taliban country.

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Money & Politics
12:01 am
Tue March 13, 2012

Low-Profile SuperPAC Targets Powerful Incumbents

The superPAC Campaign for Primary Accountability is taking aim at Alabama Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus and other congressional incumbents.

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Shots - Health Blog
12:01 am
Tue March 13, 2012

As Cholera Season Bears Down On Haiti, Vaccination Program Stalls

Thousands of doses of cholera vaccine sit in a refrigerated trailer in a United Nations compound in Saint-Marc, Haiti. Vaccination was supposed to begin last week, but bureaucratic problems have delayed the start. April is the beginning of Haiti's rainy season, which will likely intensify Haiti's cholera outbreak.
John Poole NPR

Originally published on Wed March 14, 2012 2:07 pm

The vaccine — $417,000 worth of it — is stacked high in refrigerated containers to protect it from the Haitian heat.

Hundreds of health workers are trained and ready to give the vaccine. They're armed with programmed smartphones and tablet computers to keep track of who has been vaccinated and who needs a second dose.

And 100,000 eager Haitians, from the teeming slums of Port-au-Prince to tiny hamlets in Haiti's rice bowl, have signed up to get the vaccine.

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Looking Up: Pockets of Economic Strength
12:01 am
Tue March 13, 2012

Record-High Food Prices Boost Farmers' Bottom Lines

An Illinois farmer checks the blades on his combine while harvesting corn last October. The value of the 2011 U.S. corn crop was more than $76 billion.
Seth Perlman AP

Part of a series

Thanks to high commodity prices and surging productivity, U.S. farmers earned a net income of nearly $98 billion last year — a record, according to the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute.

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NPR Story
9:54 pm
Mon March 12, 2012

Shooter Latest

Originally published on Tue March 13, 2012 10:24 am



We're going to learn more now about the alleged shooter and what the incident might mean for U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. I'm joined by NPR's Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman. And, Tom, the sergeant has not yet been named, but you have been finding out some more details about him. What have you learned?

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WCBE Newscasts
9:16 pm
Mon March 12, 2012

Cincinnati, Occupy protesters reach agreement, Mount Sterling officials consider next steps after officer uses stun gun on child, state lawmakers return for busy week. These stories and more in this Monday noon newscast.

Columbus, OH – Stories you'll hear include:

  • Occupy Protesters, Cincinnati reach agreement ending federal lawsuit :00
  • Village of Mount Sterling officials consider next steps in stun gun incident 1:18
  • Preview of the week ahead for state lawmakers 1:46
  • Fairfield County jail facility increases security 3:30
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    WCBE Newscasts
    6:39 pm
    Mon March 12, 2012

    3 women charged with helping juveniles escape to appear in court, Columbus study shows 1 in 6 children injured on stairs, state auditor finds many cities ignoring public records requests - these stories and more in this Monday afternoon news.

    Columbus, OH – Stories include:

  • 6 injured in house fire near Canton Sunday night

  • 3 women charged with helping juveniles escape to appear in court
  • :38

  • Columbus study shows 1 in 6 children injured on stairs
  • 1:09

  • Court rejects award to Ohioans jailed during Hurricane Katrina
  • 2:44

  • State Auditor finds many cities ignoring public records requests
  • 3:15

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    Election 2012
    6:10 pm
    Mon March 12, 2012

    Even For Romney, Delegate Math Still A Problem

    Mitt Romney waits to speak while being introduced Monday during a campaign stop in Mobile, Ala.
    Win McNamee Getty Images

    Originally published on Tue March 13, 2012 5:48 pm

    For many following the Republican presidential contest, the big question is who's winning.

    That's not easily answered if you go only by who has won each state's primary or caucus. But if you measure who's won the most pledged convention delegates, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is clearly in the lead.

    So much so, in fact, that Romney's campaign insists there's no way his rivals can catch up or keep him from getting the 1,144 delegates needed for securing the nomination in Tampa this summer during the Republican National Convention.

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    Middle East
    6:04 pm
    Mon March 12, 2012

    Israel: Rocket Shield Is Deflecting Gaza Attacks

    The Israeli military says its Iron Dome system has been extremely effective against Palestinian rockets coming out of the Gaza Strip. Here, an Israeli missile is launched Monday near the city of Ashdod in response to a Palestinian rocket.
    Uriel Sinai Getty Images

    Originally published on Sun March 18, 2012 8:30 am

    In the Gaza Strip on Monday, Palestinian families mourned their dead.

    Those killed included a 65-year-old farmer who was watering his tomatoes and checking on his greenhouses, his 35-year-old daughter, and a 15-year-old boy.

    Israel says Palestinian militants were hiding among the local population and firing rockets from northern Gaza into southern Israel. Palestinians in one Gaza community told NPR that militants had been operating in the area but said the civilians were innocent.

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    The Two-Way
    5:55 pm
    Mon March 12, 2012

    Journalist Marie Colvin Laid To Rest In New York

    Rosemarie Colvin, mother of slain Times of London correspondent Marie Colvin, walks behind the casket of her daughter after a funeral at St. Dominic's Catholic Church on Monday in Oyster Bay, New York.
    Stan Honda AFP/Getty Images

    The American journalist killed while on assignment in Syria was laid to rest in New York today.

    At a ceremony in Oyster Bay, New York, Marie Colvin, who worked for the British paper The Sunday Times, was remembered as an "outstanding reporter" who took risks because she thought what she did was important.

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