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4:00 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Syrian City Homs Besieged By Government Troops

Syrian government troops are continuing to bombard the central city of Homs. The United Nations says more than five thousand people have been killed during the 11-month uprising. Syrian activists say the number is much higher. Yesterday, two foreign journalists were among those killed.

Middle East
3:52 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Egypt's Press Still Feels The Power Of The Military

An Egyptian stock trader reads a copy of the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper last November. Critics say the newspaper is reluctant to criticize the ruling military council and has engaged in self-censorship.
Amr Nabil AP

When Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power last February, many Egyptian journalists hoped for a new era of freedom of expression.

But many now say they've been disappointed. A year after the revolution, Egypt's independent media still face many challenges, mostly, but not exclusively, from the country's ruling military council.

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Election 2012
2:29 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Group Of Retirees In Ariz. Unmoved By Latest Debate

Back in October, a group of Republican voters in Arizona gathered at NPR's request to watch one of the early GOP presidential debates on TV. Wednesday night, they got together again. NPR's Ted Robbins watched with them in Saddlebrooke, a retirement community northwest of Tucson, and asked them to share their thoughts.

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Planet Money
12:01 am
Thu February 23, 2012

How Mitt Romney's Firm Tried — And Failed — To Build A Paper Empire

Mitt Romney, shown here when he was president of Bain Capital.
David L. Ryan Boston Globe via Getty Images

Originally published on Mon May 7, 2012 12:20 pm

Mitt Romney is campaigning as a businessman who knows how to turn the economy around — a skill he says he learned during his time turning companies around, as president of the private equity firm Bain Capital.

So today, we're going to take a look at two deals that Bain did while Mitt Romney was heading the firm. This afternoon, we'll tell the story of one of Bain's successes.

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Crisis In The Housing Market
12:01 am
Thu February 23, 2012

With Banks As Landlords, Some Tenants Neglected

Luz Escamilla's bedroom walls are stained with the blood of bedbugs. She says she doesn't want to bleach them until reps from CW Capital, her landlord, pay an in-person visit to her Maryland home.
Aarti Shahani NPR

Across the country, big banks and other large investors are buying up tens of thousands of foreclosed rental properties. They're not always model landlords, according to tenants and regulators. Some banks are failing to follow local and state housing codes, leaving tenants to live in squalor — without even a number to call in the most dire situations.

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Movie Interviews
12:01 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Private Screening: How Hollywood Watches Its Work

At the Charles Aidikoff Screening Room on Rodeo Drive, filmmakers can screen their works in progress for an invite-only audience in the small, 57-seat theater. The screening room is also rented to show films to members of the Academy and the press.
Cindy Carpien NPR

Before they made it to the Oscars, the nominated films — not to mention all the films that didn't make the cut — were viewed by some 6,000 members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Many of those movies were shown in small, private, rented screening rooms all over Hollywood.

The studios have their own screening rooms, of course, but often directors want a more private place to screen works in progress — with no studio suits in sight.

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WCBE Newscasts
10:00 pm
Wed February 22, 2012

Partisan survey shows Ohioans likely to dump election reform law, Ohio's 66 presidential delegates a lure for candidates, 3 state education groups complain about electric rate increase -- these stories and more in this Wednesday afternoon news.

Columbus, OH – Stories include:

  • Partisan survey shows Ohioans likely to dump election reform law
  • Ohio's 66 presidential delegates a lure for candidates
  • 1:04

  • 3 state education groups complain about electric rate increase
  • 3:38

  • Democratic state lawmaker demands apology House speaker for Obama joke
  • 4:19

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    8:52 pm
    Wed February 22, 2012

    Financial Planning: Winners and Losers

    Columbus, OH – Among the investment community, there's a lot of concern about the volatility and uncertainty in Europe today. Joe Chornyak points out that there will always be winners and losers. As portfolio managers, analysts, and researchers, are investigating European companies, looking at their balance sheets, and visiting with management, they're finding that there are opportunities. Investing is not a 50-yard dash, it's more of a marathon.

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    6:56 pm
    Wed February 22, 2012

    Is A Lie Just Free Speech, Or Is It A Crime?

    The Supreme Court heard arguments over whether it should be a crime to lie about receiving military medals. Here large replicas of the Medals of Honor hang at the Medal of Honor Museum.

    The U.S. Supreme Court took up the subject of lying on Wednesday.

    Specifically at issue was the constitutionality of a 2006 law that makes it a crime to lie about having received a military medal. But the questions posed by the justices ranged far beyond that — from advertising puffery to dating lies.

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    The Two-Way
    6:39 pm
    Wed February 22, 2012

    12.76-Carat Pink Diamond Unearthed In Australia Could Be Worth Millions

    An undated handout photo released by mining giant Rio Tinto on Feb. 22 shows a 12.76 carat pink diamond — the largest of the rare and precious stones ever found in Australia.
    Rio Tinto AFP/Getty Images

    Take a look at this rock:

    That's a 12.76-carat pink diamond that was found at Rio Tinto's Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. The mine said it is the biggest of its kind found in the country, which is a big deal because that mine produces 90 percent of the global market diamond supply.

    The Telegraph reports:

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