Genevieve Abbiss

Past Writing/Science Intern

Genevieve comes to us from The Ohio State University's Professional Writing Program. She is interning with WCBE through the spring quarter of 2013.

On This Week In Science History, we have the birthday of the most well-known physicist, Albert Einstein. We'll talk about his contributions to science, as well as the first professional female astronomer, the farthest object in our solar system that we've identified, and when the first two-way phone call was made!

On This Week in Science History, we've a family that included 3 generations of scientists, an artist in space, an inventor who made the most efficient engine of his time  and later mysteriously disappeared, and more! 

Do you know who were the first man and woman in space? How about what makes HIV different than your garden variety case of influenza? And who decided to organize the elements into the periodic table? Find out the answers to these questions and more by listening to “This Week in Science History” podcast! 

Rii Schroer /

It’s a Musician! It’s a Scientist! It’s… an Asteroid?

What does New Wave music and DNA chromosomes in E. coli have in common? Mira Aroyo, vocalist of Ladytron, an English electropop band, was working on her PhD at Oxford in genetics when she quit research science to pursue a music career. 

In an interview with London’s Daily Record in 2008, she explained the transition.