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We sadly inform our listeners that Selected Shorts host Isaiah Sheffer has passed away. Symphony Space shared this obituary over the weekend:

It is with both heavy hearts and a deep sense of gratitude that the staff, board, and community of artists of Symphony Space honor the life of our Founding Artistic Director, Isaiah Sheffer, who, along with his good friend and co-founder Allan Miller, transformed a crumbling building on the corner of 95th Street and Broadway into the vibrant and vital arts institution known today as Symphony Space. Isaiah's voice is recognized by millions in his role as host of Selected Shorts on Public Radio International, a show that he created as both a live stage performance and radio program, co-produced with WNYC Radio and carried on over 150 stations around the country. Isaiah's warmth, quick wit, and passion for the arts were an inherent part of what made him so special. For those of us lucky enough to have worked with Isaiah, and to have been part of a greater family under the roof that Isaiah helped to build, we are so proud to be a part of this vision made possible by an extraordinary and charismatic man who will be missed every day, and whose spirit makes our future bright. Should you wish to share thoughts or to make a contribution in Isaiah's memory, please visit .

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OBAMA WINS: After a hard-fought battle with Republican Mitt Romney, President Obama has been re-elected, NPR now projects. With 10 Electoral College votes from Wisconsin now in his win column, the president has 275 -- five more than needed to be president. / Federal Register

Follow The Back Channel and see what people are really talking about as we vote and count the votes during the 2012 general election. By the people, for the people. The Federal Register just released a fun new interactive on their web site! You can use the slide rule to look at maps of how the Electoral College voted from 1964 to 2008. 

WCBE is your source for election coverage for November 6th! Stay tuned to 90.5FM for local coverage during our newscasts, as well as national updates during Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and The World, as well as NPR newscasts throughout the day. Also, staring at 8pm, we'll host NPR's live audio stream of election coverage on our website, along with their up-to-the minute blog starting at 6pm.

BBC World Service

BBC presenter Rhod Sharp will broadcast his BBC-5 overnight talk-show LIVE from WCBE this Monday night. Listeners from both here and abroad will have a chance to call in and talk about everything from jobs, to health care, and the economy. We'll simulcast with his listeners across the pond from 9pm - 11pm election eve, November 5th.

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*Programming Note - The simulcast has been extended by an hour (originally 9pm-10pm).

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Check out this WCBE pick from The Splendid Table's website!

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While we may not agree as to whether new recording technology makes music better or worse (see Douglas Wolk's fantastic essay), I think we'd all be willing to admit that technology has made making music a whole lot easier, cheaper and more accessible. We can be more agile, impulsive, nimble, reactionary and spontaneous than ever before. Right? Well, that's the idea anyway.

So let's try!

Afropoppers have come to be on a first name basis with many of the superstars we've introduced you to over the years, much like Stevie, Aretha, and Bonnie. We'll enjoy some of Afropop Worldwide's finest live recordings of Oumou Sangare, Abdel Gadir Salim, and Miguel Poveda plus some under-recognized artists we've pulled from our recording archive.

Join us here starting at 9 p.m. ET for analysis, a live chat with NPR journalists, fact-checking and more. And listen on and many member stations.

WCBE is closed for business for the remainder of September 26th, 2012. Please return tomorrow during our normal business hours if you need to pick up a CD or tickets.


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Hello, listeners!

Due to recent developments, WCBE will no longer be broadcasting at our former 106.7 FM, Newark signal. At this time, we are trying to acquire another frequency in this area. By mid-October,  we hope to hear whether or not our licenses both in Newark and Columbus are renewed.

On Wednesday, September 26th, WCBE partners with the Gateway Film Center to present a special meet and greet with the hosts of Foodcast from 6:30 to 8:00pm. Listeners will have the opportunity to get up close with questions and comments for our producers of Foodcast, the local Saturday program now in its second year of broadcast! Producers Johnny DiLoretto, Bethia Woolf, Jim Elison, Andy Dehus and Mike Beaumont will be on hand to share views about our tremendous culinary culture that continues to marinate locally. / Old Time Radio DVD

Labor Day Eve, Sunday September 2nd

9pm-11pm: This Labor Day Sunday, tune in to 90.5 FM for Art Garfunkel - The Singer at 9pm, and Johnny Cash - The Greatest at 10pm!

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Aug 27, 2012

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Thom Bennett /

Tune in this Friday at 9pm for the American Routes special "Summer's Last Chance to Dance: New Orleans Live", hosted by Nick Spitzer! Recorded during the 2012 New Orleans Jazz Fest weekends, this music is sure to get your barbeque hopping and your picnic popping. 

Webstream Restored

Aug 26, 2012

Thank you for visiting our website! Our webstream service has been restored. Thank you for your patience, and thanks for listening to WCBE!

America Abroad: / America Abroad Media

Coming up this Saturday on America Abroad - NATO's campaign in Libya received mixed reviews, and now its forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan. This month, member countries are meeting in Chicago to talk about the alliance's future. So what's next for NATO? It's been called the most successful alliance in world history. President Obama and fellow leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty, NATO, are meeting at an important summit in Chicago this month to discuss the future of the alliance.

Here's Anders playing Love is Taking its Toll.

WCBE partners with the Gateway Film Center for the This American Life produced film, Sleepwalk With Me, written, directed, and starring comedian Mike Birbiglia, contributor to This American Life. The Gateway Film Center is central-Ohio's exclusive screening theatre for this film, specifically by request from Ira Glass himself, merely one week following the national release in NY & LA! / NASA

Perseids: here we come! Partly cloudy skies tonight, clear skies after midnight, and a meteor-a-minute. This'll be fun. (If you nab any photos, post 'em on our Facebook page!)  

Click here to read more about the meteor shower on NASA's website!