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Reporter, News Anchor

Jim has been with WCBE since 1996. Before that he worked as a reporter at another Columbus radio station, and for three newspapers in Southwest Florida.

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Columbus Police

A man accused of killing an elderly Columbus pastor is now out of the hospital and in jail. 


Authorities have filed charges against the man at the center of unrest after New Year's Eve festivities in Yellow Springs . 

Columbus fire officials say one man was killed last night in a house fire on the southeast side.


Foreclosure rates declined in Ohio’s major metropolitan areas in the first quarter of the year.


The Ohio Highway Patrol says motorists under the influence of drugs are killing more people in traffic accidents. 

Ohio Inspector General's Office

One of the state prison inmates accused of illegal computer building at the Marion Correctional Institution has been identified. 

Franklin County Board of Elections

Former Franklin County Board of Elections director Bill Anthony is asking a court to release 67 thousand dollars worth of annual retirement payments.


The local activist group called the People’s Justice Project has called for Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs to be fired.

Dozens of central Ohio residents from around the world were sworn in yesterday in Columbus as U.S. citizens.


Johnson Park Middle School is closed today after some students were exposed to mercury from a broken thermometer during an 8th-grade class on Wednesday.

Columbus Division of Police

A Columbus man hospitalized with injuries sustained in a garage fire has been charged with killing a pastor. 

Columbus Division of Police

Extradition is pending for a man charged in a murder earlier this year who has been arrested in Birmingham, Alabama.


Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred wants the Cleveland Indians to eradicate their Chief Wahoo logo. 


Forbes Magazine ranks the Cleveland Indians as baseball's 27th most valuable team.


Three East High School students are recovering after they ingested cookies laced with marijuana on Tuesday.


State officials are investigating illegal computer construction at the Marion Correctional Institution. 


A three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati has declined to block the deportation of a Mexican-born woman in Butler County who is the mother of four U.S.-born children.

Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office

A Hamilton County motorist has been indicted for the March 26 dragging death of an Ohio State University student. 

Prosecutors say a 14-year-old Champaign County boy told a 911 dispatcher an alternate personality was responsible for killing his father's girlfriend.


Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther and Police Chief Kim Jacobs spoke to the media this afternoon regarding the reassignment of an officer shown kicking a suspect in the head.