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Music Host, Audio Engineer, Computer fix-it man

Mike received his degree in business finance form the Ohio State University in the mid 1980's. Since graduation he's made a living from playing, mixing, mastering, and producing music, and joined the WCBE family in 2002.

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Lilly and Aaron will be playing that night at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza In Worthington.

They're playing several shows together in July and August.

The daughter of John Hiatt, Lilly's "Royal Blue" release came out earlier this year.

Aaron's latest release is "Telling Stories To The Walls".

Hear what these two have been up to lately, live from studio a.

She does not have any central Ohio concerts coming up, so the only way to hear her perform in Columbus this July is to tune in to her perform live at wcbe.

She will be touring the west coast in August.

Her new release, "Strange Love & The Secret Language", is scheduled to come out on August 7.

On this cd, she gets a little help from Marco Benevento, and also A. C. Newman from the band The New Pornographers.

After forming just a couple of years ago, this Columbus based act has already played at some high profile festivals, like the Bunbury Music Festival, and the 2014 Fashion Meets Music Festival.

Their music has been heard on national commercials, and they recently wrote a song for the Columbus Crew Soccer Club.

Jared has a new release,  "Content".

That EP will be coming out  on July 10, which is also Global Release Day.

He will be playing some private house partys soon. Also coming up, a performance at the Columbus Commons on Thursday July 23.

Hear more about what Jared has been up to lately.

That's Jared Mahone, live from studio a, on 90.5 FM and HD WCBE Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and on Apple Music.

This husband-Wife team have been friends since she was 7 and he was 9.

Touring in support of "Riverman's Daughter", now out on cd and Vinyl,
these two will perform later that evening at the Rumba Cafe.

Whetherman will also perform at that show.

That's The Grahams, playing live from studio A.

That's on 90.5 WCBE FM and HD Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, and online at wcbe.org.

This Portland Oregon based act has been writing music and playing live since 1999.

Their sixth full length release, which came out last month on the Sub-Pop label, is self-titled.

They're currently touring the USA with the band Lost Lander, also out of Oregon. Both bands will perform the evening of the 24th at The Basement.

This local indie band will be opening for the Wisconsin based musical act Phox that night at The Basement. It's The Basement's 10th Anniversary Show. The band Mechanical River, out of South Carolina, will also perform. Doors open at about 7pm.

Their cd, "Sleepless Wilds" has been out for a few months now.

A six piece outfit, these folks have been making music since April 2013.

Hear a bit about what they've been up to lately.

These guys have a new release, "All Burn". That will be available to the public June 23.

Also coming up for this Central Ohio based act is their cd release show the evening of the 19th, at Ace Of Cups. Other acts appearing at that show include Playing To Vapors an Fingers.

They'll be playing at Comfest Sun. June 28, and their song, Transit, was recently featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered".

Tune in to hear what else these guys have been up to.

Their last visit to studio A was back in 2011.

"All Your Favorite Bands" is the new Dawes release.

Listen to a live performance before their show at the L C Pavilion with Hozier.

That's Dawes, live from studio A, on 90.5 WCBE FM and HD Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and now streaming online through iTunes radio.

Central Ohio based Husband-Wife team Jill and John Garratt have assembled this band, and have a cd release show coming up.

This Show, coming up at The Shrunken Head, features performances from several other acts, including Harvest Kings, Miller Kelton, and Kevin Collins, to name a few.

It's all part of Mingo Town Music's "Big Summer Showcase 2".

Currently on tour with Butch Walker, Jonathan's Columbus stop will be that evening at Park Street Saloon.

He, and his band The Northern Lights have opened for bands like AC/DC, Z.Z. Top, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and also played festivals like Bonnaroo and SXSW.

On his new Release, "Holy Smokes", which will be out later this summer, he get's help from some of the guys from The Northern Lights, and other musicians from bands like Phosphorescent and Centro-Matic.

Currently on tour, their stop in central Ohio will be at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington.

Adam has seven indie cds out, and has toured the USA, Canada and Europe.

Also based in Texas, Canadian-Born Chris Carroll recently put out her first release, "Trouble & Time"

Joshua Black Wilkins

This Cleveland native has been based in Nashville for a while now.

He has also spent time living and playing in Texas.

His show at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington will be later that evening.

Some of his more recent works include "The Longing" and "Journal".

Listen to a few songs from Jason White, performed live from studio a.

She has shared the stage with Ray LaMontagne, Jason Mraz, Phil Lesh, Shawn Colvin, Billy Bragg, Nanci Griffith, Kristin Hersh, Joan Osborne, Jackie Greene, and Abigail Washburn.

She's currently touring with Willie Watson.

Their Columbus stop is at Woodlands Tavern Sunday, May 17.

They recently finished their self-titled release.

The cd release show is coming up at Woodlands Tavern on Saturday May 9.

These guys also have a show coming up at the Summer Camp Music Festival on May 21.

Listen in on a conversation, and live performance from Fox Valley Harvest.

That's on 90.5 WCBE FM and HD Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and now streaming online through iTunes radio.

Their new EP is "A Glitch In A Void".

This local act will also be performing at Brothers Drake Meadery the evening of the 10th.

Also appearing, is the band Montezuma.

Playing To Vapors also has a show at the Rumba Cafe in May, and will perform at the Park Street Festival in June.

Listen to a few songs from these guys, live from studio A, on 90.5 WCBE FM and HD Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and now streaming online through iTunes radio.

This band is a project of Eric Ahlteen.

These folks are gearing up for a cd release show at Woodlands Tavern on April 10.

The Jeffs, and The Shady Grovers will also perform.

Listen to Chittenden Hotel perform live from studio A before that show.

That's on 90.5 WCBE FM and HD Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and now streaming online through iTunes radio.

He's won quite a few awards during his career, including "Best World Music Guitar Player" by Guitar Player Magazine in 2008.

He will be performing at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza the evening of the 8th, as he tours the Eastern United States.

After that he will be headed to England.

Hear world renowned guitarist Pierre Bensusan, live from studio a.

Her new release is "Somehow".

Currently on tour all over the USA, she will perform at Natalies Coal Fired Pizza In Worthington the evening of the 7th.

She has won an American Songwriter Magazine lyric contest, and the 2013 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest songwriter competition.

Listen in on a conversation, and a few songs from Caroline Spence, on 90.5 WCBE FM and HD Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at wcbe.org, and now streaming online through iTunes radio.

After the band Joshua P. James And The Paper Planes came to an end, Joshua, and his drummer Brandon, recruited bassist Pete Mendenhall from the Hocking River String Band, and Jeremy Ebert from The Driftwood Motion for a new project.

Now calling themselves Yellow Paper Planes, these guys will be releasing "Feather's Touch", this week

CD release show is this Saturday night at Spacebar!