Miriam Geiger

General Intern

Self described  "Random" Intern/ Go-To Girl for Summer 2013, Miriam Geiger is a Columbus native. She sojourns to Binghamton University in New York for educational purposes and returns to her home base in the summer. 

Meg Brown / Thurber House

Travel through time, just  around the corner in Columbus, Ohio.


Usually, mention of "secret sauce" in regards to sports is met with derision and disappointment. Not so with Only A Game. The "secret sauce" of public radio's nationally syndicated sports show is a special blend of the love of sports, both watching and playing, and a history of excellent journalism. How long a history? Oh, twenty years this broadcast.

Shadowbox Live

Come and enjoy an hour of Free Jazz featuring internationally renowned Jazz Greats from Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and France.