Ria Greiff

Radio Host

About Ria: I started doing wellness before it was a “buzz word” and its programming so ubiquitous. A speaker for National Seminars on soft skills, I also run seminars, webinars, life coaxing and write and produce content for the CityScene Media Group. Practicing what I preach, I am involved in many civic groups and initiatives, personal enrichment at every opportunity, a voracious reader, gardener, raising free-range children, highly selective about what my family eats, physically active, screens light, and an avid traveler.

Here is a link to You Inc.'s WCBE page: http://wcbe.org/programs/you-inc

Finding Resiliency with Gene Smith and Creating Inclusivity with Katie Smith

You Inc. Episode Three, Segment One


Find out how Gene Smith, master of OSU Athletic Dpt. finds Resiliency for himself, his family, and his staff, even using emojis! And receive practical, easy ways to increase your ability to be resilient through any challenge!

Links and book resources for segment one.

Unleashing Creativity with Jami Goldstein and Welcoming Challenge with Gregg Dodd

You Inc. Episode Two, Segment One

Jami Goldstein and Unleashing Creativity- Find out how to get back your highly creative self and the capacity to trust your creative instincts. Hear how Jami does this in her own life and brings it to her mission for creative capacity for all.

Links and book resources for segment one.

Harnessing Dreams with Cheryl Harrison and the Gift of Giving with Josh Miller

You Inc. Episode One Segment One 

Cheryl Harrison and Harnessing Dreams- Listen to how you can harness your dreams through Lucid dreaming and hear Cheryl’s recurring dream and what it means.

Links and book resources for segment one.

Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams

Fetal Dreams