Ria Greiff

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About Ria: I started doing wellness before it was a buzz word and its programming so ubiquitous. As the industry grows, services get diluted. Someone who is truly an expert of all areas is hard to come by and someone who truly possesses the knowledge as opposed to just rehashing their scripts is even harder. My method of delivery I call, “Edutainment” and what I do, You Inc. I am here to give you the tools to build the most important brand in your life, YOU. You’ll never be as young as you are today so don’t waste another moment. Time to stop spinning and start winning! Practicing what I preach, I am involved in many civic groups and initiatives, personal enrichment at every opportunity, voracious reader, gardener, raising free-range children, highly selective about what my family eats, physically active, screens light, and a voracious traveler.

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Episode 44: Find Your Growl

Hold the zoo trip—I’ll get you your rawr in just 5 minutes. Or your voice at the very least. While many of us possess a voice, an overwhelming number of people do not know how to properly use it to find their grit. Tune in to learn how to rediscover the grit in your voice to be heard. 

 Grit with Claire Coder

In today’s corporate world, we are too busy to search for our free time and, consequently, become complacent with inadequacy. Grit is now a necessity in life—especially if you plan to swim in the pool of little time and strenuous tasks. But can grit be created or is it a born trait? Tune in to hear from Claire Coder about fostering grit in today’s society.

True grit

Episode 43: Happy Holidays  

What if I told you that the way you have done holidays wrong for the last several years might just translate to the entirety of your life? We make the mistake of overindulgence—whether in food, gifts or dress—every holiday season and think it inevitable for those to come. Re-design your holiday and your life around the principle that next year truly could be better if you fix old habits. 

Designing withe Celeste Malvar Stewart 

Wake up! It is time to stop sleepwalking through life and design your future. Regardless of what kind of style you are into, find a way to craft your life around your future goals and run with it. Tune in to learn from Celeste Malvar Stewart about how her career in design helped her create a life for herself full of color.

 Episode 42: Composing Your Calender

If your life were a song would you listen? Are you content with the many roles you play in the lives of others or do you feel more like your life song is a never-ending chorus? Learn how to eliminate this feeling and compose your life back to where you want it in only 5 minutes. 

Composing with RJD2

Orchestrate your life with the main act as your passion. Your passion is only as strong as your drive to fulfill it. However, procrastination, lack of motivation and little enthusiasm are barriers impeding on our ability to pursue our passions. Tune in to learn from songwriter/producer RJD2 about how he regained control of his life, found his beat and composed it.  

Episode 41: Get Good With It  

A flame can always be relit if you find the right match. Find out how to regain control over your love life by putting the spunk back in your relationship. There are many other ways to spunk your sexual health outside of the bedroom. Tune in to learn about how new activities can re-welcome the old butterflies.

Episode 40: Siblings Part 2  

What is the most shameless thing you’ve ever done with your sibling? Great. Do it again, do it now and do it over. Your sibling knows you best and, although you may have chosen different life paths, they most certainly do not have to run parallel. Learn how to get that sibling bond back into your later years by tuning in. 

 Episode 39: Siblings Part 1

While our adult lives may feel like more of a gamble than ever before, we must treat our childhood like Vegas—what happens there, stays there. Your siblings may be the only ones who know of your past, but that does not mean your relationship with them should stay outdated. Learn how to view such an integral part of your life since birth as the adult they are today.

 Episode 38: Gratitude    

Think of something you’re grateful for: it may be your friends, your family or this Youtune. Okay, now tell whatever/whoever you feel this way. Expressing gratitude can be key to finding joy in our every day. Tune in to learn more about how we can welcome new joy into our lives simply by saying thanks. 

Episode 37: Viking Biking 

Wam Bam get back on that bike ma’am, we’re going for a ride. There is so much more life to see when you can experience it without traffic, dirty windshields or seatbelts. If you need more motivation to get riding, tune in to learn more. 

 Episode 36: Grow into Flow  

From the time you are born, you learn about various ways in which we test our IQ—but what about our EQ? That’s right—our emotional intelligence is perhaps just as, if not more, important to finding flow in our lives. Tune in to learn how to improve your self-awareness by boosting your EQ.  

Episode 34: Cultural Curation    

Do you want to learn how to curate culture? Open your eyes a little wider and make your ears a little larger. Want to know how you can benefit immensely from making this individual life change? Tune in!

  Episode 33: Chancing on Change

Think about something you are not at ease with? Got it? Good! While you may not be able to change your situation, you can make a meaningful change to the situation at hand in just 5 minutes. Learn how by tuning in. 

 Episode 32: Inklings of Inclusion

When we were younger, we learned how to approach another kid on a playground and ask to be their friend. While a simple friendship bracelet or recess-hangout is not sufficient in the adult world, there are still several ways in which we can practice inclusion and build our brand. Tune in to learn some of those ways, along with other helpful tips for inclusivity. 

Episode 31: Capturing Creativity

We’re letting the cat out of the bag in this episode just about how to capture creativity—probably faster than you can catch that cat, but try anyways. Cultivating creativity is easy because it is not a new concept—it is just one we decided to abandoned once we thought we were ‘too old’ for it. No one is too old to get creative and you certainly aren’t too old to tune in to learn about it. 

Episode 30: Dominate the Daydream

Did anyone ever tell you growing up to get out of your own head? Well, I'm telling you now to get back into it. Tune in to learn more about how to dominate the daydream and build your brand-- even if some parts are purely imagination.  

Episode 29: The Gift of Giving

Sex, chocolate and charity. Our brains respond in similar ways. Find pleasure in serving those around you through the gift of giving and it can be as simple as attaching a smile to all of the things you binge order on Amazon anyways through Amazon smile. Tune in to learn more ways to give.

Episode 28: Dynamic of Dance

Rave baby rave. Whether your 18 or 80, your body can still talk—maybe in different ways, but still revealing the same kind of confidence and joy that comes when we let go. And, when you tune in, you will always be our first choice in dance partner. 

Episode 27: Laughing Yoga

Do try this at home. And at work. And even in your silent, 6 a.m. hot yoga class, full of people who are much more flexible than you. Laughing gives you life. Tune in to hear more crazy situations that call for laughter and how to foster funny in your everyday life.   

Episode 26: Gentrifying Gender

Women wear pants, men grow their hair long and the bathroom is definitely not a battleground anymore. These concepts sound simple but are made trivial when we submerge ourselves in the idea that gender is a strict line of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ instead of accepting the fluidity. Tune in to learn more about how to swim in the fluidity instead of allowing negativity to weigh you down.  

 Episode 25: Join Your Tribe

Your life is not a merry go ‘round and you are not compelled to sit among the same group of animals—or people. Finding your tribe is all about finding a member of a family that makes it feel like just that: family. Tune in to learn more about how you can let go of the merry go ‘round to find your tribe. 

Episode 24: Force of Fashion

There are those that talk the talk and those who walk the walk. And then there are some who stick safety pins in their ears to use as earrings and do both. Fashion is about individuality and we have all made trendy decisions we now call mistakes. Young Britney Spears did not invent denim on denim on denim for us to be ashamed of our own creativity. Go wild and tune in to learn how.

 Episode 23: Winning With Writing  

What if I told you that your blog was the next New Yorker? Obviously that is not true—despite how much (or little) we want it to be, but there are so many ways to win in writing. Tune in to learn some of these along with other tips and tricks to win at writing. 

Episode 22: Good Girls Finish Fast

Maybe the reason we don’t love our jobs is because we see it as a hobby instead of a future. Ditch that mindset and engage with what you love. Your life is not a movie, but you still write the script. Tune in to learn more about how to make it 5-stars.

Episode 21: Simplify Your Life

Superman, supermom or superhuman-- you may think you can conquer it all, but every superhero has their own kryptonite. Learn how to manage your life by simplifying your values to what is really important to you. 

Episode 20, Make Your Magic

Drop the wand, spare the bunny and put your hat back on your head—you do not need any dark magic to learn how to enchant your future. You just need 5 minutes of light-hearted advice and a nudge in the right direction. Join me in this magical YouTune to learn how to make your magic.

Siblings with Kelly & Rhiannon Mehring

Last week you tuned in to learn the power of dynamic duos. And when blood runs thicker than water, success is a continuous flow. This week, sisters Kelly and Rhiannon Mehring, business partners in their yoga studio Mat Happy show us how to release grudges to work towards a common goal together.  

 Siblings with Ram & Shyam Rajadhyaksha

They tease you and teach you, love you and loathe you; they are your best friend and your enemy. Your parents may have raised you, but it is your brothers and sisters who really shape you. Break the ‘sibling rivalry’ myth by tuning in to hear how Ram and Shyam Rajadhyaksha, successful business partners and siblings created a bond as strong as their business.   

One Year Anniversary Special: Gratitude 

This week is a special one as we are celebrating our one year anniversary with a focus on gratitude. As your host, I, Ria Greiff, am grateful for all of the incredible listeners who have tuned in with us every week to build their brand. A group just as important to be thankful for are the incredible guests we have had the privilege of hosting and, to celebrate, please join me in enjoying clips from some of our favorites throughout the course of our inaugural year.