3rd school district allegedly fixed attendance data

Jul 26, 2012

State schools superintendent Stan Heffner says the investigation of student attendance data fixing in the Columbus and Toledo districts could lead to fraud charges against educators involved. Heffner says the data questions and a focus on improving student test scores have created an overemphasis on state report cards for districts. Meanwhile the Ohio Department of Education says the Lockland school district filed false attendance data for 36 students during the 2010-2011 school year in an effort to improve its state report card. The students were falsely reported as having left the district and then added back to the roster later. The break in enrollment led to their test scores not being counted in the district's overall performance rating. The department says Lockland's report card status has been lowered. The case also has been referred to the department's Office of Professional Conduct to determine if district employees are guilty of conduct unbecoming to the teaching profession. The district has yet to comment.