5 Teens Charged For Throwing Rock That Injured Ohio Teacher

Jul 22, 2014

Sharon Budd
Credit New York Daily News

Three Pennsylvania teenagers have been charged as adults in a highway rock-throwing incident that left an Ohio teacher critically injured.

Two other teens have been charged as juveniles. They are accused of throwing a large rock off of an I-80 overpass on July 10th. The football-sized rock struck 52-year-old Sharon Budd in the face, shattering parts of her skull.  After nearly two weeks, including a marathon surgery lasting more than 13 hours, doctors are cautiously optimistic. The Ohio teacher's arms and legs appear to be moving appropriately, and her brain pressure is normal. But doctors don't know how her dexterity and fine motor control skills will be affected. It's likely she won't regain use of her right eye. A tube in her brain was removed Monday. Although Budd is somewhat sedated, she's been able to follow her doctors' commands, mostly shaking her head or wiggling her fingers and toes.  Students and staff in the Perry Local School District, where Budd works, are hosting events to raise money for her medical bills. More than 28 thousand dollars have been raised so far.