Ann Romney Stumps In Ohio

Nov 2, 2012

Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, headlined a "Women for Mitt" rally yesterday at the Aladdin Shrine center in Columbus,

pitching plans for more jobs and greater opportunities for women. The GOP is trying to siphon women from President Obama, who won Ohio's female vote in 2008. Ann Romney also stopped in Strongsville last night. Kabir Bhatia of member station WKSU in Kent reports.


Ann Romney told about 600 people that this was her last campaign appearance without her husband, Mitt. But she had plenty of company at the Strongsville Community Center: including John McCain’s wife, Cindy, and former Ohio Sen. George Voinovich, who says Romney has qualities President Obama lacks.
“Governors understand that you gotta work with people. And you’re not gonna get everything that you want. And sometimes you gotta give on things if you want to get something done. And I don’t think the president understands that in many instances, because I’ve worked with him on many of those.”
Voinovich criticized the stimulus bill and the healthcare overhaul.
But Ann Romney’s speech was more about her husband and family than the issues of the day.
“I have seen him as a husband. As a father. As a governor. Running the Olympics. As a business guy. Whatever job he has, he does with all of his heart, with integrity and character and devotion. And I know that’s what he’ll do as president of the United States.”
Ann Romney’s focus on family was a welcome respite for Mary Kate Glowe from Cleveland.
“I thought she did the job that she was called out to do in setting the goals out for five days before the vote. So she’s definitely supporting her husband in the right way. You know, I think the issues are talked about so much, that it’s nice to hear the other side of things. And that’s where the balance comes … with any of the presidential wives.”
On the other hand, Catherine Mihlfeith (MILL-fith), a physician’s assistant from Parma, wanted to hear about one thing.
“She gave the example of people gradating and then not being able to find a job. I graduated 2 1/2 years ago; I finally got a job a year ago. And I had to move out-of-state to get a job. I went to an Ivy League school [and] have a great degree. And it took me this long to get a job, and I’m getting paid far less than I should. But that’s how the economy is now, and that’s how it’s going to stay if we stick with Obama.”
Ann Romney closed her speech reminding the crowd to vote, before saying the last six years of cross-country campaigning has been a blessing.