Avoid Future Interruption

Oct 15, 2012

Cash, check, credit cards - we accept all types of donations, large and small.
WCBE stays on the air and remains a strong voice in the central Ohio community when listeners pay for the programs they listen to. Our fall fundraiser comes to an end in just two days and if you haven’t given yet, it’s important that you give now because its listener support that makes everything we do possible.

So far this drive, we’ve had great success raising the funds needed to operate. But as of 11:42am on Tuesday October 16, 2012, we still need to raise $94,000 dollars to reach our fundraising goal. It’s important to reach our goal because our expenses are directly tied to the cost of providing you a service like WCBE. We’d like to raise that $94,000 without interrupting future programming so please donate here or call us at (614) 722-7333. By donating to WCBE, you’re directly supporting the shows you love to listen to.  It’s a win-win situation! 

If you’ve already given a gift to WCBE in the past 6 months, you can still help us reach our goal by going online to and updating your member profile through our newly released member portal. Here you can manage your profile and track you’re giving history, sign-up for newsletters and print tax receipts. And, when you do, Chornyak & Associates will donate $25 on your behalf to WCBE – up to $5,000.   

You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter. There help us spread the word about our need for support.  


Thanks, in advance, for your support AND for being part of the ‘CBE family!