The Big Give Is Coming This October!

Sep 21, 2017

Have you noticed anything different this Autumn?

You haven’t been hearing about our usual Warp Drive leading into our Fall fundraiser. Instead of Warp Drive, WCBE is part of The Columbus Foundation’s Big Give. When you donate to 90.5 October 10th and 11th through the Foundation, one hundred percent of your gift will go to WCBE, and is amplified with a pro-rata share of their 1.3 million dollar “matching” pool. Any gift becomes a Big Gift through The Big Give!

In addition to our deepest gratitude, you can receive a WCBE branded t-shirt when you donate $90.50 or more only during The Big Give.  Wear your WCBE shirt with pride, knowing you helped create a more informed community, both on local and global issues. To receive this thank-you gift, all you have to do is bring proof of your donation to the WCBE studios from 8am-5pm, October 10th or 11th.  A printout of your receipt page will work fine!  Shirts will be available only as supplies last, so head to WCBE as soon as you can after donating.

Now go forth and make Columbus a stronger, better place to live!  This link will direct you to the Columbus Foundation giving page!

Happy Giving!

-Caitlin Farkas

Big Give Giver & Membership Director