Bill Allows Sale Of Alcohol-Laced Foods

Jun 4, 2013

Ohio Senators have slipped something into their version of the budget bill that would allow the sale of some food products that contain alcohol.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles explains.

If you go to some states, you can find ice cream, pastries, candies and more that are laced with wine or liquor.  But those types of products have not been legal for sale in Ohio.  Republican Ohio Senator Scott Oelslager says some language has been slipped in the senate’s version of the budget that would open the door to sales and regulations of those news products.

Oeslager – The jello shots, allowing that to be manufactured in Ohio….and chocolates having alcohol in them.  Other states do that type of thing so this would legalize them in Ohio and put them under the department of liquor control to control the issue.

Senators say they were concerned that without addressing this issue, companies that make these types of products would try to sell them in Ohio under the state’s more lenient guidelines for the sale of food products.