Bill Would Ban Smoking In Cars With Young Kids

Oct 21, 2013

For the second time in less than two years, a central Ohio lawmaker has proposed a bill that would allow police to cite drivers if they see them smoking with kids under 6 in the car.

State Senator Charleta Tavares of Columbus says she hopes it will raise awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke on children, especially young kids. Last time around, the bill failed to get out of committee. But Tavares says she feels the bill has a better chance of passing this time around, even with a Republican supermajority in the House.

Tavares says she has an answer for those who’d criticize the bill as being too intrusive.

Tavares says kids under six are especially vulnerable to the dangerous substances in cigarette smoke, and don’t have the ability to protest as older children and adults can. The bill has had one hearing so far.