Bomb scare briefly closes courthouse

Jul 23, 2012

A bomb threat briefly closed the county courthouse in downtown Columbus this morning.

Franklin County sheriff's deputies are searching for the woman who phoned in a false report of a bomb at the county courthouse this morning.   The call, which claimed a man in a wheelchair was bringing a bomb into the building, prompted the evacuation of the building.  Sergeant Bill duffer:

BD:    They said said the individual had a bomb inside of the.. in the courthouse, but we think it was a false claim.  The caller gave a description of an individual they said had the bomb, and the guy that we spoke to matched that description. We've cleared him now and don't think he had anything to do with it. It just so happens he certainly did look like the person she was describing.

Duffer says deputies traced the call to a pay phone, and the investigation is focused on finding the caller.  The courthouse building was re-opened by 10am.