Budget Bill Vote Today

Jun 27, 2013

State lawmakers are scheduled to vote today on the new two year state budget bill.

Governor John Kasich says he's not giving up on two of his proposals that a House-Senate conference committee did not include in the final bill. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

Gov. Kasich had proposed an expansion of the state sales tax to fund income tax cuts for all Ohioans and for small businesses, along with Medicaid expansion and a tax on big oil and natural gas drillers. Kasich says he’s not done with those last two items.

“Let me just be clear...this is not over. The severance tax fight is not over. The Medicaid expansion fight is not over or, you know. We’re going to stay on this thing till we get it.”

Overall, Kasich says he’s pleased with the budget, but won’t tip his hand to what he might veto out, including the abortion issues. All he’ll say on that is that he calls himself pro-life but that he’ll look at all the language.