Bus And Sports Cuts Off The Table, Say CCS Officials

Mar 11, 2013

Drastic cuts to transportation, extracurricular activities and athletics for the Columbus City Schools are off the table, thanks to some good news from the state, say district officials.


According to superintendent Gene Harris, state funding in the governor's proposed budget will include a previously uncounted transportation subsidy which makes next year's fiscal picture for the district look a bit less bleak. Last week the superintendent laid out a menu of $29 million dollars in cuts for the board to consider, in order to close a $25 million dollar gap. But Harris says the increased funds coming from the state mean the district won't contemplate cutting high school transportation, middle school athletics and eliminating a period from the school day. Despite the good news, the district still needs to make 15 million dollars in cuts in order to stay in the black thru fiscal year 2014. The superintendent and board are holding an emergency meeting tonight to discuss possible cuts that still need to be made.