Calamity Day Bill Clears Conference Committee

State lawmakers have struck a compromise on what to do about missed school days around Ohio brought on by the season's extreme winter weather. 

A House-Senate compromise committee approved a bill today to provide four extra snow days, but only after schools hold four make-up days. Lancaster Republican and House Education Committee Chair Gerald Stebelton.

The panel removed a provision that would have required teachers to undergo professional development training.  Stebelton explains why.

The decision followed an impasse last month over two competing versions of the bill. Snow, ice and bone-chilling temperatures have led many districts across Ohio to exhaust the school year's five allowable calamity days. Many districts have canceled classes for nine or more days this year. The measure also allows districts to continue to make up missed days through 30-minute increments tacked onto regularly scheduled school days. They also have the option of using work-at-home "blizzard bags" and online lessons.