Calls For Retherford To Resign

Mar 17, 2017

The pressure to resign is mounting for an Ohio House Republican who’s accused of driving around Butler County drunk with a loaded weapon last Sunday. 

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.


Authorities allege that Representative Wes Retherford of Hamilton had a loaded gun in his car when they found him passed out in a McDonald’s drive thru in the early morning hours.

He’s facing OVI and a felony gun charge.


Now the Ohio Republican Party Chair is speaking out. Jane Timken says the party must be represented by officials who have the confidence of their constituents and the discipline to govern. She goes on to say that the allegations against Retherford have called both aspects into question and that he should resign if the accusations are true.


The leader of the Butler County Republican Party has called for Retherford to resign. But House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger says he’d like to see the legal process play out and that, in his words, “people make mistakes”.