Candidates and surrogates making the most of Ohio appearances

Oct 31, 2012

Two new polls show the presidential race is tight in Ohio, but both polls give president Obama a slight edge.  the CBS/Quinnipiac/New York Times poll shows Obama with a 5 point lead, while the Ohio Poll by the Univversity of Cincinnati shows him 2 points ahead of challenger Mitt Romney.  Jim Messina, campaign manager for Obama says the the Romney campaign is propped up with inaccurate information.

Messina: We have the math, and they have the myth.  Whether we're talking about getting out the vote or bringing down the deficit,  our numbers add up.  The Romney campaign is trying to sell illusion and delusion.

Messina says the president has a better ground game and adds polls on early voting show him with double digit advantages.  The Romney campaign disagrees with Messina.  Russ Schriefer, a pollster for Romney, says Obama's approval rating is under 50 percent, and that's not where an incumbent wants to be at this point.  And Schrieffer says Romney has an excellent closing message.  He believes Romney is leading with independents and is poised to win the Buckeye State.  Ann Romney rallied with her husband's supporters in Ohio today, including a stop at a company in Butler County.  She spoke to an audience of several hundred people who gathered at VinylMax Windows in Hamilton...

Romney:We have a big choice to make, and I think Ohio's going to be a big piece of that.  You aall know how important Ohio is, and this part of Ohio is very important to us.... We have to get out there and get our message out that it is a critical time for the nation's... for the course we're going to take for our country.

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, along with Cindy McCain, the wife of 2008 GOP nominee John McCain, and Jane Portman, the wife of U.S. Senator Rob Portman were also at the rally.  all expressed their support and confidence that Mitt Romney's policies would get the country moving in the right direction.