Casino developers sue City and County, Judge signs taser settlement. These and other stories in this Friday noon newscast.

Columbus, Oh –

  • Casino developers file lawsuit seeking annexation :00

  • Mahoning County fires Columbus law firm over SB5 1:14

  • Judge signs settlement with Justice Department decreasing taser use by jail guards 1:54

  • Senate considering House-passed Pill Mill Bill 2:20

  • Ohio ready to execute one inmate per month 3:35

  • Skelton indicted on additional charges 4:05

  • Psychologist cautions parents about pathological gamers 4:46

  • Meat company recalls E. Coli-tained products 5:39

  • Leveque Tower sold 6:05

  • Film maker sends cease-and-desist letter to Limited Brands 6:27