Castro Told FBI He Let His Guard Down

Sep 6, 2013

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro admitted to FBI agents that he abducted and raped the three young women he held captive for a decade.

FBI videotapes obtained by NBC show him telling agents after his arrest last May how close he came to being caught several years ago. J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner is a forensic psychologist who heard the tapes.

Castro also told agents Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were able to escape his home because he let his guard down. Psychologists say they are not surprised the 53-year-old Castro took his own life in his state prison cell Tuesday. Castro was serving a life sentence. Doctor Wendy James says Castro fit the classic definition of a sociopath.

James says being confined to prison was something Castro could not tolerate.

James and the American Civil Liberties Union believe Castro should have remained under suicide watch. State prisons chief Gary Mohr has ordered an investigation of Castro's medical and mental health treatment and the circumstances surrounding his apparent suicide, despite his placement in protective custody, which involves checks every 30 minutes.