Clinton, Springsteen, Strickland campaign for Obama in Ohio

Oct 18, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton brought some star power to eastern Ohio Thursday trying to stir blue collar support for President Barack Obama's campaign in the swing state. 

Clinton spoke Thursday afternoon to a crowded high school gymnasium in Wintersville in far eastern Ohio, drawing distinctions between the Democrats' and Republicans' plans for the economy, health care, education and energy.  Speaking later in the day at a suburban Cleveland rally, Clinton told the crowd that while the economy is not where it should be yet, it is improving under Obama.  And Clinton said all Republican Mitt Romney wants to do is repeat the past.

Clinton: Are there some problems? Yeah, there are.  But they're not going to drive this economy off the tracks again, because of the bill that the president signed, that Governor Romney wants to get rid of.

Clinton was joined by rock star Bruce Springsteen, who called Obama "the best choice" to keep the country moving in the right direction.

Springsteen:  I'm thankful for universal health care... I'm thankful for a more regulated Wall Street... I'm thankful GM is still making cars.  Voting matters, elections matter -- think of the events of the last 12 years and try to convince yourself they don't.

Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland also joined Clinton, to help fire up the coal-country audience.  He told the crowd: "A coal miner voting for Mitt Romney is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."  As campaign appearances increase in the waning weeks of the presidential contest, GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be traveling the same ground this Saturday, also appearing in eastern Ohio.