Clinton Stumps For POTUS In Ohio

Nov 2, 2012

A former U.S. President was in Ohio Thursday, stumping for the current leader of the free world. Jim Letizia Reports.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigned for President Obama at the Ohio University branch in Chillicothe late Thursday, reiterating comments he made earlier in Akron and the Toledo area sharply criticizing Republican challenger Mitt Romney over campaign ads that claim General Motors and Chrysler are sending jobs to China. Clinton also said Romney's budget math doesn't add up, but the President offers a more convincing case.

(CLINTON: “His argument is invest in the 21st century jobs we know are coming. In modern infrastructure, in manufacturing, in information technology, in clean energy.")

And he summed up the case for re-electing the President this way.

(CLINTON: Who is  most likely, to restore the middle class with more jobs and rising incomes and with poor people having an honorable way to work their way into it? Whose more likely to invest in the jobs of the 21st century that will grow in number and educate and empower people to do them? And whose most likely to take us all along for the ride instead of leaving a bunch of us behind? Those are the three issues. The answer is Barack Obama to all those issues.")

Romney and the President will campaign in Ohio over the next few days. President Obama
will headline a campaign rally today at the Franklin County Fairgrounds and will hold a rally today in Springfield. Rock singer Bruce Springsteen and rapper Jay-Z will perform at a campaign event for President Obama in Columbus on Monday.  Romney and running mate Paul Ryan will lead a rally this evening in West Chester, and Romney will headline a Columbus rally Monday. The President will stump Saturday in Mentor and Sunday at the University of Cincinnati.  First Lady Michelle Obama will be at Miami University and Kenyon College on Saturday. Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill will be in Ohio on Sunday.