Compromise Suggested For Early Voting Debate

Aug 21, 2012

Controversy continues over the lack of weekend voting hours planned for this November's election.

The in-person, early voting option that was available on weekends in many counties in 2008 has been wiped out in laws recently passed by Ohio's Republican dominated legislature. Peg Rosenfield with the Ohio League of Women Voters says some good government groups have suggested a compromise to Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Rosenfield - A group of the advocates said to open up in person voting on the last two weekends in October on Saturday and Sunday. But any county that feels they really don't need it and votes unanimously to opt out could get a waiver so if a county says "no, we don't need to be open, we don't have long lines and we can't afford it" fine - they get a waiver and that takes care of the problem.

Ingles - What kind of response have you gotten to that suggestion?

Rosenfield - None.

Last week, Secretary of STate Jon Husted directed all county boards of elections to hold the same hours for in person early voting. No weekends were included in that schedule. Still, Democrats continue to push for weekend voting. They note in 2008, 93 thousand Ohioans voted on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Election Day.