Confirmed And Suspected Cases Of Mumps, Measles Increase

May 8, 2014

Health officials have now confirmed 328 cases of mumps in the outbreak that started at Ohio State University.

The source of the outbreak has yet to be determined. 42 cases of measles have been confirmed in an outbreak in a six-county area, including 29 in Knox County. Officials say that outbreak began with unvaccinated Amish travelers who visited the Philippines, which has had a measles epidemic. The Parma City Schools reports suspected cases of measles have been found among students at Parma Senior High School and Thoreau Park School. Hudson school district officials report one suspected case at Evamere Elementary School. And the Avon Local Schools say a fourth case of whooping cough has been confirmed in the district. Lorain County health officials urging are urging all eleven- and 12-year-old students to get booster shots.