Congratulations to our iPad & Festival Ticket Winners

May 8, 2013

Thanks again to everyone who supported the station during our recent membership campaign. We still have $23,497.50 left to raise. If you haven't donated to WCBE in the past 6 months, please do so today and support a service you USE and VALUE.

In addition to saying "thank you", I'd like to say "congratulations" to the hundreds of people who entered our Festival Ticket Giveaways and iPad Mini Giveaways. Here is a complete list of our winners and why they choose to support WCBE!


  • Bonnaroo: Edward Leonard. 
    Ed writes, "I support WCBE because it's a reliable source of quality local and national news reporting as well as a great source of intelligent & entertaining radio programs.  It's also the best station for new and interesting music.  WCBE is everything I need in a local radio station."
  • Dark Star Jubilee: Peter Levites.
    Peter writes, "I have supported WCBE for nearly twenty years. High quality, locally produced music programs, such as: Ante Meridiem, Global Vilage, Jazz Sunday, Blue Collar and Roots & Offshoots have consistently influenced and broadened my musical horizons. I listen all day, every day. Thank You, WCBE!"
  • Nelsonville Music Festival: Anne Stewart.
    Anne writes, "WCBE provides an alternative to the cookie cutter commercial radio sound  found on air today. I especially enjoy the diversity in music on WCBE, Fresh Air and the excellent news programming."
  • All Good Music Festival: Mike Castello.
    Mike writes, "I support WCBE not just because of the excellent news programming, but because I found out about more interesting new music than anywhere else, internet or otherwise. I especially like Ante Meridiem, World Cafe and Blue Collar - excellent ways to get the modern world beat in your head! For me, it's the only place I tune into for the most eclectic mix of music! Thanks WCBE!"


  • Rachel Clark
    Rachel writes, "90.5 WCBE is my favorite and most-listened to information source for up-to-date news, music, recipes, and interviews. I learn something new every day!"
  • Roger Byers
    Roger writes, "Unlike television where the viewer's attention may waiver, the listener willingly becomes engrossed in Terry Gross' interviews each day. Having taught three years in the Congo, I continue to learn and enjoy Georges Collinet weekly ventures into music and music with African origins. Maggie Brennan's upbeat delivery each day on Global Village captures my attention as I learn about new artists and listened to music that is familiar to me from my world travels. These are just a few of the reasons why I choose to listen to WCBE."
  • Leslie Partridge
    Leslie writes, "I support WCBE 90.5FM with both time and money. I do this because I appreciate the variety of programming and music that they offer. When I'm asked what program I like the best, I can never answer with just one - I like the news, information, fun and music that I find there. Every day there is something I learn about, something fun to laugh over, a story or report that brings tears or joy...we call them 'driveway moments'.  I couldn't tell you how many of those I've had! WCBE is The Little Station That Could (and Does)."