County Commissioners Approve Sales Tax Hike

Sep 24, 2013

Franklin County Commissioners today approved a quarter percent increase in the county sales tax.

The increase to 7.5 percent takes effect on January 1st and will expire at the end of 2018. The increase will generate an estimated 100 million dollars a year. Commissioners say the revenue will help the county budget, help fund major building projects like a new jail and morgue, and create an economic development fund. The tax is the second highest in Ohio. The quarter percent increase will cost a family making 50 thousand dollars a year 28 dollars more. Most economists say sales taxes are regressive, because they force the poor and low-income residents pay a higher portion of their incomes for goods and services. Commissioners held three public hearings on the proposal in the last month. It's not clear how the hike will affect voters being asked to support a Columbus Schools levy and a Columbus bond issue on the November ballot.