Courting college students after graduation

Columbus, OH – With some 18 colleges and universities in the Columbus-area - including one of the nation's largest in Ohio State - the region has little trouble attracting students. The challenge though remains keeping those students in Central Ohio after they earn their degrees. A recent survey of more than 1,700 students at numerous Central Ohio schools - including Capital, Otterbein and OSU - found 31 percent intend to stay after graduation, 26 percent plan to leave and 43 percent remain undecided. The students ranked Columbus high for things like restaurants, shopping, diversity and cultural offerings...but found public transportation, job propects and the invitation to stay less favorable. Collegia's report also found that 13 percent of the students had interned in the region. Collegia recommended that Columbus court this group more and better link them to what the region has to offer. Columbus Foundation President Doug Kridler also heads one of the clusters of Compete Columbus, the economic development effort organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Columbus Partnership. Kridler tells Mike Foley the research will be a major component of the region's efforts to retain young talent.