Delaware County Resident Contracts Lyme Disease

Sep 12, 2013

Delaware County health officials say a Lewis Center resident recently contracted Lyme Disease after being bitten by a blacklegged tick.

While most ticks are active from May through July, blacklegged ticks are active year round. Health officials are warning residents to avoid areas of high grass and use insect repellant. The disease can cause serious, long-term health problems. Head lice can also carry disease. Cleveland Clinic physician Emma Raizman says head lice is common in children ages 3 to 12.

Raizman says parents should wash a child's bedding, hats, clothing and anything else with which their head may have come into contact. She says parents should put anything that cannot be washed into a trash bag.

Raizman says over-the-counter treatments like special shampoos work well in getting rid of head lice.