Dems Say GOP Hampering Bi-Partisan Redistricting Talks

Sep 23, 2017

Ohio Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko

Ohio Senate Democrats say majority Republicans are stymieing bipartisan congressional redistricting talks with "strong-arm tactics."

Republicans reject the accusation. Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko says GOP leaders told Democrats they plan to put a redistricting proposal on 2018 ballots even without bipartisan support. He says Democrats want a new four-person working group to negotiate in good faith. Yuko said his party wants the right to pick its own appointees to the panel and wants hearings televised. Televised hearings could provide key exposure for Democratic State Representative Kathleen Clyde, a likely appointee who's running for Secretary of State. A spokesperson for Republican Senate President Larry Obhof calls it "unfortunate" that Democrats are withholding support for a bipartisan process. Both sides seek resolution.