Dick and Jane Project Song of the Week: "Bumper Cars"

May 4, 2012


A beautiful sunny day started out like any other. Driving down the street in his rusty old clunker, “Can I make it there?” he wondered. The big promotion was his for the taking. He could finally see to the top. This is the day when he needed to get there the most. You can’t give up.Your can’t give in. If you’re meant to be on the road that you’re on, then you’re bound to win. No, you can’t give up. You can’t give in. Take your time. Slow down. See life through to the end.

Well she sits and she thinks, “I’m so glad I’m on this road, I have no idea where I’m going but I have room to be bold.” And sweeping by all of the slow ones, the busses and the tractors. All that’s left is the open road. And all she can do is go faster.

Oh, that last left turn was a time to forget. But you’ll always remember and always regret. Never before has something bad been so good. Both cars in pieces and as you stand to the side, it could have been worse. You’re still living life.


lyrics by Skyler B, Brady E, & Caroline S / art by Brennan G / video by Cam E & Alex W / journalism by Nic G & Courtney V / vocals, guitar, & bass by Andrew Graham / drums by Adam Nedrow / additional engineering on drums by Josh Landis