Dick and Jane Song of the Week: "I Love Nature"

Feb 24, 2012


I love nature because of the beautiful colors. I love nature because nature is pink. I like the colors because of the green in the trees. The colors are lovely just the way they are.

I love nature because of the beautiful sounds. I love nature because the sounds are so funny. I just think to myself, ”they’re magnificent.” The birds chirp and sing ’cause that’s the way they are.

I feel the grass when I go hiking. I feel the bugs when they bite me. And the flowers they are colorful. And the berries are juicy just the way they are. The colors are lovely just the way they are. The birds chirp and sing ’cause they way they are. The berries are juicy just they way they are.


lyrics by Alexzandria G. / music by The DewDroppers / produced by Josh Landis / recorded at Old Son Studios