Dick and Jane Song of the Week: "Invisible"

Nov 30, 2012


Look over here. Look over there. Look everywhere. Do you see me sittin’ there? Do I have to stare? Let me close the door of opportunity. Do I have to be noticed in a picture? ‘Cause you don’t see me.

Am I invisible? Am I invisible? Am I invisible? Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Am I invisible?

Am I like a blinding wall? Just supposed to stand tall? Waiting for your response? Waiting for you to see me? Am I supposed to be that way? Sitting, waiting all day? Sitting, smiling at you?

Am I invisible? Am I invisible to you? Or would you understand me in my dance? Am I invisible? ‘Cause you don’t see me!


lyrics by Angel H / music by Mary Lynn Gloeckle / mixed by Joseph Anthony Camerlengo / recorded at The Poppermost / music video by Ernie Pouttu