Dick and Jane Song of the Week: "Soar Like a Bird"

Jun 8, 2012

I spread my wings to fly, but all they do is die. My brother already soars, yet I’m behind closed doors.I look up into the sky. Everything seems so high.

But if you don’t quit. It’s your goal you’ll get. But if you don’t quit

Just like a baby bird who’s falling, your life it might be stalling. The bird will soon succeed. Just follow its lead. But if you don’t quit.

I’ve been in pain as long as I remember. My whole life feels like December. I’m stuck inside a gloomy shell, up from down I couldn’t tell. To another world I’ve tried to venture, but I could not reach the happier center.

I push myself up to face another day. I see colors instead of seeing gray. I’m finally free of depression. Happiness is in my possession. Ain’t gonna start without delay. A lightness fills my heart today.


lyrics by Madjo D, Casey N, & Sarah R / art by Francie M / video by Daniel D, Michael P, & Connor R / journalism by Mona M / music by Glenn Davis / cello by Laura Meister / all other instruments by Glenn Davis / recorded by Glenn Davis at WLA Studios