District Holds Public Forum On Possible Levy

Jun 26, 2013

As the deadline draws near for a decision on a school levy campaign this year for the Columbus City Schools, the committee studying the issue wants to hear more from the public.

Board member Gary Baker says his committee is holding a public forum tonight to get more input from possible voters.

If the district decides to put an operational levy on the November ballot, they need to file by July 26th. If they recommend a bond issue for buildings, they need to file by July 8th. Baker says the committee is mindful of recommendations issued earlier this year by the Columbus Education Commission. And is well aware that the decision to put off a levy request last year makes success more imperative. Still, he thinks there is room for discussion.

Another wrinkle in the levy discussion is the fact that, under a bill in the Ohio Senate right now, the district might be required to share the proceeds of a levy with charter schools. The millage committee's public forum takes place tonight at 6 at the district headquarters on State Street.