Drug Found In Ohio For The First Time

Sep 6, 2012

A bust in Guernsey County turned up a drug that hasn't been seen in Ohio before.

State Highway Patrol spokesperson Lieutenant Anne Ralston says 23-year old driver Brandon Hockenbery and passenger Joseph Cascioli face multiple drug charges.   Ralston says the discovery was made when troppers pulled over their vehicle from New York for following too close on I-70.

(Ralston: When they stopped the vehicle they found that the front seat passenger was actually smoking marijuana while they were going down the road. And a probable cause search revealed some additional marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and something that the Highway Patrol here in Ohio that we've never seen before. And it's called 2C-E. And 2C-E is similar to LSD, being that it's a psychedelic drug, but it's more intense and longer lasting.)